Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Semi-organized Date Night

What makes a date night great?  It's a little bit of everything...The struggle, the sitter, and the success, for starters.  Our sitter is so fantastic that she sacrificed her first Friday of freedom to allow us one last night out with ease.  Further, it was a Super Moon over Boston, co-workers who care enough to get me out on time, and the delights of Dawes to seal the deal...
Did I mention the beauty of the first night of summer?
Each of the captions is a link to a song by Dawes.  I'm just giddy over this band this year.  Click on the captioned links and enjoy the music! 

Dawes- "A little bit of everything"

Dawes- "When My Time Comes"

Dawes-"Something in Common"
Dawes- "Moon in the Water"

Dawes- "Most People"

Dawes- "From A Window Seat"

Dawes- "Someone Will"

Someday Never Comes

The One Fund

Dawes- "How Far We Have Come"

Dawes- "My Way Back Home"
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