Monday, February 25, 2013

Having Fun With "Thirty-One"

My fascination with "Thirty-One" started innocently enough, as most soon to become obsessions do. 
My neighbor and good friend puts on a vendor party every year right at the start of the holidays, allowing friends and family to come together and shop in the comfort of her home.  Items sold are either hand-made or catalog quality, and shown by some of the hardest working and stay at home mom's in town.  Last year, I had my tutu table turning profits (more on that later), and this year "Thirty-One" was well represented.  Within minutes, I found myself oohing and ah-hing, and "needing" enough to convince myself that hosting my own party would be the perfect way to get more, more, more...

Here's a little of what I took home from that "love at first sight" moment:
Mini Utility Bin in Lotsa Dots
I was sold on the durability and the idea that the consultant herself puts this at her back door for all the wet mittens and hats that need to get to the laundry instead of ending up in a pile on the floor.  I took her advice and have had good success throughout this very snowy winter.
About Town Blanket
About Town Blanket

I snagged this in a slightly different discontinued pattern for a fraction of the price!  The blanket is water resistant on the exterior, soft inside, and had a monogram option to make it all mine.  Can't wait to plop myself in the park on a warm day with this blanket under my back and my bare feet in the grass! 

Timeless Beauty Bag
This was another sale item that I just couldn't resist.  The consultant advised clipping this to the back of a front seat head rest in the car to allow little ones their own travel case, with clear pouches allowing for game player and tablet viewing while on the go.  For us, it's the perfect place to tote along all the make-up and accessories for travel dance competitions, and at the first gathering, it got noticed quite a bit!

About a month later, the day had come to have some fun.  Eleven lovely ladies, along with myself and the best local consultant around ( got together to share our ideas and encouragement for organization at home.  These items sell themselves, so I really could've just opened the doors and let the show begin.  

But as my 8 year old daughter says, "That's not how we roll".  I like to eat, drink and be merry with company whenever I can.  So the menu came together really quickly, with some easy breezy recipes that made a good impression Here are as many links as I could put together, and the rest are secrets that you'll have to "drag out of me" (with a glass of wine or two;)

My hostess gift was the cutest!  This mini wallet was full of pint sized potential.  I had not expected a perfect camera carry case, but I was so please with what I got!

This isn't quite the same product as the "Timeless Wristlet", but it has plenty of room for my camera, ID, debit card, cash, and coins!
I was crazy over the "Room For Two Utility Tote" as it was the perfect size to place in my kitchen closet recyclables.  This was the real reason that I had the party in the first place!

Next up, the Hostess Credits! I couldn't believe it when I found out that I had $300 in credit for anything I wanted from the catalog!  Plus, I could pick from lots of 1/2 off offers. There are some restrictions in certain categories, but overall I made out with a bounty of bags and bins, so much so that I haven't even had the time to install each and every one.  

Oversized storage organizers (2):
These are perfect right now for storing our collection of beach towels, and believe me they fit plenty!  They can be pulled out and taken on vacation already packed and ready to go on a sunny day adventure!

Large Utility Tote:

I got this one in the Woodblock Floral print and it is really pretty.  It has a very sturdy top frame to help keep items organized without collapsing on itself.  I'm going to try this one out over the weekend and see how it holds up with costume carrying capacity.

 Organizing Utility Tote:
This one is a true work horse and a best seller for sure!  I can think of at least "Thirty-One" uses for this bag, and I'm sure it would hold up and prove itself worthy.

Fold n' File:
This will be my savior, whenever I finally give up the fight and dive straight into the bill cabinet that looms overhead each time I pass through the kitchen.

Your Way Cube and Your Way Rectangle:  
Your Way Cube
I have these in Woodblock Floral and Grey Pin Dots, and I can't wait to get the "Wardrobe Hallway" project into the final stages to install these where they'll get lots of use.

Hang-Up Home OrganizerThe Hang Up Home Organizer and Hang Up Room Organizer were also great deals to get while at 1/2 off in January!

Hang-Up Room Organizer 
So there you have it!  The items were delivered pretty quickly, and I've heard lots of satisfying stories about the excitement of putting these products to use.  There were definitely some great benefits to hosting a "Thirty-One" party, and a good time was had by all;) Turns out that I'm not the only one in town who enjoys a good organasm every now and then!


  1. Love the mini utility bins! Since we're cloth diapering, I have 6 for the changing table for all our supplies. They hold so much, look great, and will easily be repurposed in a few years :-)

    1. They really do have so much storage space! I'm sure they'll get plenty of use!