Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cabinet BBQ sauce

When I was shopping last week, chicken thighs were on sale.  I was craving BBQ chicken,but I knew that my husband would balk on the thighs. I would have to kick things up a notch to make this good.  Enter Google Search for BBQ sauce recipe...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Forever Strawberries

Earlier this year I set a goal to try and take advantage of all the local fruit and produce that I could, and get my girls to enjoy it as well.  So far, the garden has been a group effort that I've decided to enjoy rather than worry about, and we are several weeks into the CSA- eating fresh picked beans &  greens as much as possible.  The local seasonal berries are high on my list of sweets for the summer, and so I had my heart set on getting my hands on some fresh strawberries this season. Tougas Family Farm  in Northboro, MA was a great place to visit on one of the cooler late June days this year. Fresh fruit finished with wagon rides, playground, farm store, and farm animals makes a recipe for sweet memories.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crafty Case for Scratchless Shades

I had been meaning to do this for soooooooo long!  So many pairs of sunglasses were left ruined to senseless scratches at the bottom of my purse over the past few summers, that I finally decided that something must be done.  Alas, it was the night before our vacation departure, and what better time to avoid packing than that 10-o'clock hour, when eureka- a moment of creativity came to life!