Monday, June 10, 2013

An Affection for Collections

A collection should be meaningful.  To have items gathered into a mass of accumulated artifacts takes away from certain appeal, and brings to mind the term "hoarders". But not all collections should be viewed as obsessive.  Last week, I found a way to display a nice collection at home:

The glass antique tray is part of a tea cart table top that was given to us by family friends whom my husband has known since childhood.  They came to the cookout that we threw when we bought our first home, and presented us with a set of antique furniture that had been a part of their home, so that we could enjoy the pieces in our home as well.  The blue ceramic bowl was given to us as a wedding gift and has been used countless times at family gatherings and special dinners as part of table settings.  It shows well as part of a collection.

The painted glass balls were given to me by my mother in law.  I remember her cleaning out one day and saying "What can I give you?".  I chose these, and have really enjoyed how they look within our home, lending a feature of beauty and memories.  Yellow roses are a classic symbol of beauty, friendship, gladness, delight, and a promise of a new beginning.  They stand tall next to the stout covered clear glass vase that came with the home.  Our home's previous owner had used this vessel to hold fancy bars of soap, and then left it behind when they transferred the keys to us.  I have used this throughout the seasons: filled with glass balls at Christmas, plastic eggs at Easter, and loose leaves in the fall.  For this part of spring, I find that it's translucence adds appeal as it showcases the view outdoors and the reflection of light through the window.  

Together, a collection should have some meaning.  When I see gather my trinkets, I want to be able to hear a story.  "Be happy with what you have."   It's what I always tell my girls, and it is something that I try to find happiness in each day.

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