Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY Photo ID

A little while back, we took the kids to the Mystic Aquarium.  As we were getting organized to go, I started to have that maternal worry creep up on me.  You know, the one that creates that voice in your head reminding you to check with your kids to be sure that they know their name and phone number, just in case they wander off.  Is that just in my head?  Hope not!  Anyway, I thought of sticking some form of ID on my little one, just to be crazy and sane at the same time.  Are you following me?  
When I thought quick, it came to me that a duck tape photo ID would be just right to create a wearable form of ID, fun for the kids, and easy for me!

This was really quick and simple to do, just by cutting and folding long strips to make the "necklace" and framing a photo with the tape to make a "pendant".  After writing my daughters name and my cell phone number on the back, I taped the two pieces together and slipped it on her neck.  To be sure she'd love to wear it, I had her pick the colors and help me peel and stick the tape together.  In a matter of minutes, she was pretty, proud, and photo ID'd, "just in case".  If doing this again, I'd simply use a length of ribbon around the neck, as the tape inevitably had some sticky spots that started to bug her neck and hair later in the day, and it would probably have been a little quicker than cutting and folding the tape...But it worked and I learned something!

With the printed name and phone number on the back, we could also practice spelling her name, talk about the letters and numbers, and sing songs that practice reciting her phone number on the way there (not the whole way, but just enough!).  I could put that worry into the "done" file.  She still has this and likes wearing it.  We've also experimented with similar bracelets just for fun.  Flower and animal prints would also make great wearable art.  What can you make with duct tape and prints?
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  1. Love it! I think I'll put Jakes on the inside of his red sox cap!