Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bar Keepers Friend, my BFF

Bar Keepers Friend

At the risk of getting sentimental and poetic, I will now gush about the perfect product that polishes everything from plastic to porcelain.  Bar Keepers Friend (BKF, if you're really cool enough to abbreviate your 
cleaning products) is the supreme ruler in my cleaning cabinet. 

This product is All American, founded in 1882 in Indianapolis where it is still made today.  Using an active ingredient formulated from rhubarb by an old time chemist, BKF has been shining up rails since tavern's taps flowed without a passing thought of prohibition. 

Any product that manages to stay on grocers shelves for that long deserves merit.  With the competition claiming to outshine, BKF sits quietly on the lowest shelves for over 130 years, quietly awaiting new arrivals on the market to out-advertise and take place at eye level.  All the while, millions of people have come to know that nothing else can compare to the supreme power of the non-chlorine powder that is reliable enough to be called "friend".  I know, I get emotional sometimes;)

The list of uses is gosh darn endless.  At first glance even, the possibilities pop with promise: cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic cooktops, copper, tile, brass.  How good can it be?  Turn it over and find that you might be hard pressed to sweep a non-porous surface in your house, garage or shed that shouldn't be cleaned with this magic dust.  It's about as close as you can come to fairy dust in a can!  Apply, rub gently, rinse well, done.

BKF takes care of even the worst tasks in mere minutes.  It makes me cringe less when I think about my two lease favorite chores:  toilets and window sills. 

 There's nothing like throwing open the windows in the Spring and finding that there is 3-4 months worth of  crap-ola collected in the vinyl sills, waiting to blow in with the breeze.  I have always dreaded the task of cleaning these soiled sills, but with BKF, I'm over it before I even start to curse the crud.  When the shine shows through and frames the view outside, it makes it worth the 4 simple steps:  sweep, sprinkle, rub, rinse.


wet the surface




But don't just take it from me.  Bar Keepers Friend is recommended by All-Clad and Celphalon, Viking, Kohler, Real Simple, Readers Digest, Emeril, and so many other household names that we love and trust.  Who needs advertising when you've got a list of references?  Bam! http://www.barkeepersfriend.com/recommended-by

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