Friday, January 4, 2013

Closet Junkie

Lately I've found myself to be hopelessly obsessed with closets. In our house, we don't have enough closets, and the ones that we do have are small and not ideally set up for good organization.  I get overwhelmed at the thought of conquering an entire closet project all at once, so instead I've started taking little bites at a time.  For example, at the end of dinner the other night, I threw open the dining room closet door and started sorting through papers, vases, miscellaneous toys  and trinkets to try to gain control over the space, all the while encouraging my little princess to take a few more bites and finish her milk.  I gained nearly 2 complete shelf spaces, and a boost of confidence that the next exploration through that door will get me another step closer to dissolving the dining room closet dilemma that has perplexed me for the past 2 years.  Little victories bring lots of sanity!

I started searching out some ideas for what to make of the little spaces that I've got to deal with, and there is plenty of eye candy to feast upon.  I would've pinned for hours, but I've still got more sifting and sorting before I can get to installing some good organizational systems. Instead, I've saved some links to get back to when the time is right.  Check out these great sites and start to dream big about what to do with your precious shelf space.

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