Friday, December 28, 2012

The "To Do List"

Calling it a "To Do" list just makes everything on it seem like a chore. But the fact is, if you want to be organized, you need a way to keep track of the things that need to get done in life. Think of it as a tangible way of organizing your scrambled brain, such that you may begin to prioritize your ideas, perhaps actually complete a thought, and if at all possible, inevitably lead yourself  to actually being able to find the time and energy to achieve a task and move on.  That being said, it's always a work in progress.

The fact is, successfully completing the items on a "To Do" list is incredibly rewarding.  This is a common practice of many, with great pleasure achieved in the end.  When Sasha Cagen of "The To-Do list" surveyed over 600 people about their listing habits, she found that 83% of people preferred keeping a hand written list.  As she puts it, "the visceral pleasure of crossing things off cannot be underestimated. And people often feel more accountable when a list is in their own handwriting" (  She writes, "It's sort of insane how much we love crossing things off!".  This was her perspective discussing the results which showed that 50% of the people responding to her survey admitted to writing down tasks that they had already done, just to be able to cross them off the list "triumphantly"!  Survey says:  completed "to do list"=organasm.

In today's postmodern era, it only makes sense to research the best tools to organize goals on the go. Below are a list of sites that can get you started at finding the perfect app to keep you on track. Whether your highest achievement is finishing the laundry, finding a new hobby, or establishing a plan for your financial future, there definitely is an app for that!

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